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45°4'41"16 N 7°40'33"96 E Based In Turin (Italy)
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By means of colour I found the freedom and the strength to be myself.
Through the colour I send a message to every person that wants back his life

A world of signs, shapes to combine, unify, warp, simplify, disintegrate and merge again in a new infinite composition of figures more or less abstract, which remember us something known and unknown at the same time… observing this set of creatures, our brain is pushed to bring them back to the real world relentlessly, tapping into our innermost memories to give a meaning and a reassuring name to a form that does not have a meaning or can have only when we wish to.

It was a long-standing research. During that period, I had to walk a difficult path, achieving a detachment from the real and academic image, shape, nature, in order to enter in a far more exciting and endless world. A world filled with an alphabet of signs and beings that showed up to me in a tiptoe. Symbols which never abandoned me since their first discovery, forms stored long ago in my mind after looking at who, before me, had already ventured down this road. Simple and primitive art of ancient cultures have conducted my art into a world of signs and symbols that populate the reality of every day.

My journey began “observing” and at the same time “building” that Monster or that Being that was inspired by the unreal characters of Street Art world, ideograms, Mayan symbolism, African Art with its masks full of enigmatic and puzzling expressions. I have also been drawn by barbaric and Romanesque sculpture, their bestiaries, and by the capitals interwoven with fantastic and deformed characters.

Many artists inspired me and come with me on my journey to this fantastic world. They are tied to my new artistic world. The first among them is Joan Mirò, a painter who worked so much before arriving to his fantastic and unreal style. Paul Klee, whom undeniable sign looks like children's drawings. Pablo Picasso, with its figures deformed by a revolutionary cubist style. Jackson Pollock, who with his “dripping” challenged the art world of the late '40s. Jean-Michel Basquiat, American painter and writer who was successful in the ‘80s with his graffiti populated by assertive and monstrous characters and by messages of social protest. Keith Haring, another painter and writer from New York, whose simple drawings entered as undisputed icons into the Art world... And still many others who, with their tendency to go against the tide, chose to represent not an objective but a subjective reality, taking inspiration from their inner self and representing it as they felt it, through the infinite universe of signs.

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"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary..."

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